Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mis tristezas

Watching Garrik – an actor from England -
the people would say applauding:
"You are the funniest one on earth
and the happiest one..."
And the comedian would laugh.

Victims of melancholy, the highest lords,
during their darkest and heaviest nights
would go see the king of actors
and change their melancholy into roars of laughter.

Once, before a famous doctor,
came a man with eyes so somber:
"I suffer", he said, "an illness so horrible
as this paleness of my face."

"Nothing holds any enchantment or attractiveness;
I don’t care about my name or my fate
I die living an eternal melancholy
and my only hope is that of death."

"Travel and distract yourself," says the doctor.
"I've traveled so much!"

"Search for readings"
"I've read so much!"

"Have a woman love you"
"But I am loved..."

"Get a title"
"I was born a noble."

"Might you be poor?"
"I have riches..."

"Do you like compliments?"
"I hear so many!"

"What do you have as a family?"
"My sadness."

"Do you go to the cemeteries?"
"Often, very often."

"Of your current life, do you have witnesses?"
"Yes, but I don’t let them impose their burdens;
I call the dead my friends;
I call the living my executioners."

"It leaves me," added the doctor, "perplexed.
Your illness and I must not scare you;
Take today this advice as a prescription:
only by watching Garrik can you be cured."

"Yes, Garrik... The most indolent
and austere society anxiously seeks him;
everyone who sees him dies of laughter;
he has an amazing artistic grace."

"And me? Will he make me laugh?"
"Ah, yes, I swear it;
he and no one but him; but... what disturbs you?"

"So," said the patient, "I won’t be cured;
I am Garrik!"

How many are there who, tired of life,
ill with pain, dead with tedium,
make others laugh as the suicidal actor,
without finding a remedy for their illness!

Ay! How often we laugh when we cry!
Nobody trust the merriment of laughter,
because in those beings devoured by pain,
the soul groans when the face laughs!

If faith dies, if calm flees,
if our feet only step on thistles,
the tempest of the soul hurls to the face,
a sad lighting: a smile.

The carnival of the world is such a trickster,
that life is but a short masquerade;
here we learn to laugh with tears
and also to cry with laughter.

A translation of Reír Llorando ("To Laugh While Crying") by Juan de Dios Peza

Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

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