Saturday, September 27, 2008

You can't watch your own image and also look yourself in the eye.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I just really relate to this.
I could be really offbase about what philosophy is being conveyed--but I feel that my own is very different. I think pain is definitely valuable; I wouldn't feel real without it. But I don't feel it's something to be carried around--instead, it's more like an indicator that something that may not be working to my benefit. When I hurt, I try to figure out what's not working too well and do something about it. I don't want to be happy happy happy all the time. I just don't think holding onto what hurts really badly will help me grow--even though pain can be beautiful. I don't try to rid myself of it, but I do strive for being interested, joyful, engaged, and loving. I do this knowing the pain will return--life poses new challenges; as I live I challenge myself, and I'm bound to feel them--and I know that that's okay because I'll grow more. Like a plant. Because plants are cool.


Calvin said...

Thank you for your input on this picture! That's a very insightful way to look at pain - I'm glad to hear your thoughts. Feel free to future comment on anything else you relate to c: