Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I hope it's the first of many (Happy Valentines Day)

During the darkest hours of the day
(the loneliest of my moments),
I sit at the edge of
my bed
and stare at my locked chest.

Sometimes I sit there
as time passes by
just waiting for
a sign.

But usually, I am overwhelmed
and I (willingly)
open this locked secret of mine.
Stacks of piles
of memories tease me,
laugh (and
cry), and tear me apart. But something
(something deep)
inspires me
to keep on digging through my childhood
(this misery, that heartache,
my demons).
And in one particular pile
(of a stack),
I come across
your heart.

My body hastens (my pulse
roars, my breath beckons, my muscles
tighten), and I
open your heart.

I am reminded that, at one time,
I truly was

I close your heart,
lock my chest,
and breathe deeply
now knowing
the remains of my day
will exist
with a smile.
Opening Your Heart by Calvin


Anonymous said...

What you write and what you share here is beautiful. I wish I could meet you.

Anonymous said...

:D Nice !


Calvin said...

Thanks Lindsay!