Monday, March 9, 2009

And I don't think I can run from the ties we have started, from the sins that we've become.

sometimes i take a Shower
with the lights off.
but before i even finish showering, i turn the lights back On,
because i remember how afraid of the dark i am.

sometimes i go to the Airport
and just sit in there for a few hours.
because i like watching people Reunite.

sometimes i cut my Fingernails way too short.
like, down to the quicks.
because it’s an odd feeling, the way my fingertips Hurt
every time i touch something.

sometimes i go out in public without my Shoes,
because i like feeling the Real ground,
not just the inside of my shoes.

sometimes i re-arrange my Bedroom,
but then i change it right back
because everyone knows that there isn’t a single person
in the world that isn’t afraid of Change.

sometimes i try reading books Upside-down
because i think thats what it would be like if i couldn’t
at all.

sometimes i just sit and watch the Grass grow,
because we’re lucky that it even grows in the First

sometimes i do things.
sometimes i don’t.
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Jacqueline said...

Hey Calvin, I stumbled upon your blog not too long ago. I started following cause I enjoyed your posts.
So you like in Tempe? I'm not from Arizona but I live in Glendale right now for school.
Well, just thought I'd finally say hello :)

Calvin said...

Oh, hello there! Yep yep, I'm living in Tempe right now, attending Arizona State. I'm originally from California, though. Where are you going for school?

Jacqueline said...

Oh cool, I go to ASU as well (West campus). What are you studying?

Calvin said...

Oh sickness. Obviously, Tempe campus for me. I'm majoring in Integrated Studies, specifically philosophy. How about you?

Jacqueline said...

That's awesome. I'm taking philosophy 101 right now. I have to say it's pretty interesting but sometimes hard to follow. I'm majoring in journalism & mass communication.
If you have AIM, my screen name is: misstomkitten. So we don't have to keep talking via comments :P