Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She said that she didn't plan it exactly that way, so it goes

"Do you like skipping?" I asked. She nodded, I could see, as we walked side-by-side entering the grounds of my apartment complex.

"I do," she responded with a growing smile.

We both knew where this was headed.

"We have to hold hands, you know. There's no other way to skip," I explained, leading her to where we both wanted. I put out my left hand, hoping.

"I see," she said, as her smile finished growing now. She let out her right hand, placing it in the cusp of mine.

My heart jumped in synch with the first skip of my leg.

First Skip, It Won't Be Our Last by Calvin

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The Sweetheart said...

I love was really intriguing it made me wanna go out and find the book, however the book is you , you should really write more, you are Amazing to say the least