Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our gaze is all about perception

When you walk around at night, do you ever look to see what is around you? Do you ever pay attention to the environment that you pass ever so casually during the day? Everyday? Do you ever take the time to actually look? Not just with your eyes, but with your mind. As you walk, let your mind wander with you. Dissect things, interrogate them; take what you know and throw it out. Take a look around you and look at everything in a new perspective. Let your thoughts run wild because through this way we can establish a vision for our individual lives. A vision that lets us understand ourselves better. Understand everything better.

I do all these things and sometimes I get scared thinking that maybe I'm the only one who still does. Or ever did.

I put my hood up
and it's cold.
Not daftly bitter,
just cold.

Cold enough to bring your cheeks alive and to open your eyes up a bit further to see the full moon silver and gray glowing with clouds that drift quickly past it above the auto repair sign that hangs on a wire fence with an aged barking mutt protecting an old wrecked house with a boat in the yard and some dead cars.

On the way to a Seven-Eleven on foot for a bar of chocolate with a cup of tea that she always wants late in the evening on the warm sofa in front of the heater which is too expensive when you have no money.

But the moon over the auto repair shop sign is free
and the cold air that brings my cheeks to life is free.

But the fish and chips I had earlier aren't so I get the chocolate, turn around, notice all the things you can only notice walking, pay, get in my car and drive right at the big flat moon that makes the night.
You See More On Foot by unknown author.

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